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3,000! Thank YOU.

Hi Everyone,

Remember when we announced that we were nearing 3,000 orders?

Well. It happened.

Do you believe it? We don’t. We kind of do in a reality kind of way. But not in a real-we-reached-3,000-orders kind of way. Because when you start off by selling a cake to a friend, you doubt you’ll make it this far.

But 3,000? It was another far off goal down the road. And we got there! We got down that road. 4,000 here we come! 3,500 is good too =)

Now, let’s talk winner.

We spoke about the upcoming winner of the 3,000th Kosher Cakery order. Whoever it would be would get a free cake.

Sarah Kishenevsky ordered a poker cake. And she won, big. 3,000 is just the lucky number, and she was IT!

Loved the cake. And love the milestone.



poker cake


Now, don’t get me wrong. You hope. You dream. You even pray. Turning a hobby into a business is a win-win. Sure, it’s hard. But it’s amazing. When we reached 2,000 – now that was quite a milestone.

Here’s Zachary. kosher cakery winner


This couldn’t be more exciting.

We want to thank YOU. Or loyal followers and clients. You that’s taking time to read this. And you that reccomended Kosher Cakery to a friend. You that wishes this winner was you. And you that challenges us with exciting cake orders. 3,000 wouldn’t have happened without you all. So thank you. Seriously.

We love you!

~From our Kitchen to Yours

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