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Apparently…I had no idea

  Hi Everyone, We receive some pretty unique and very personalized orders from our customers. Last week we received an email from a wife ordering […]

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DIY Rainy Day Breakfast Cupcakes

      Breakfast Cupcakes Also known as Breakfast Muffins … but if you want to get the kids to eat a good hearty meal […]

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Chanuka Colors

          Bringing New Color To The Festival Of Lights Chanukah. The Festival of Lights. Calm and cozy, lighting up those dark […]

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Hot Off the Griddle

            The Pancake. Sunday morning breakfast. Served with syrup, berries, icing sugar. An endless array of fillings. An oldie-but-goodie. Below […]

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Rainy Day DIY Cupcake Icecream Cones

    Cupcake Ice Cream Cones I can’t think of a better “2-in-1” treat than this! These Cupcake Ice Cream Cones are so easy and […]

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Get Your Beer Here

Hi Everyone, Things have been super busy here at Kosher Cakery; between new babies, Bar Mitzvahs, and special occasion birthdays. We have been working around […]

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Happy Lunches This brings me back to my childhood. Asking mom for a “Face Sandwich” always offered a fun-to-eat and different-every-time lunch or dinner. From […]

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Rainy Day Activity: HOMEMADE PIZZA

  Hi Everyone, Who doesn’t like Pizza?? Whether it’s for convenience once in a while or to enjoy the array of topping options, we’ve all […]

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Hi everyone, We are so thrilled to announce that in just 2 short years Kosher Cakery has hit its 1,000th ORDER!!! This exciting milestone is […]

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