Israel:054 970 6716
US:516 732 6114

Frequently Asked Question



What size cake should I order?

A 6″ cake serves 8-10 people
8″ cake serves 12-15 people
10″ cake serves 18-25 people
12″ cake serves 40 people
9×13 serves 30 people
Almost 1/2 sheet serves 60 people
1/2 sheet serves 90

Can I place an order through the website?

Of course

I am having trouble ordering through the website? Can you help?

Please feel free to call or email and we’ll help you.
You can call us; in Israel our number is 054-970-6716 in the states 516-732-6114
you can email us

Can I change the color of a cake on the website?

Of course, every cake can be customized. You can leave the details in the comments section when you order.

Can I write something on the cake?

Sure include that in the comments section when placing your order.

How long in advance do I need to order?

We typically need about a week to design, plan and create your order. However some cakes can be done in a shorter amount of time. All cakes need at least 48 hours, in a pinch call to see what’s available.

How do I contact you?

You can call us; in Israel our number is 054-970-6716 in the states 516-732-6114
you can email us

I am not sure exctly what I want, what should I do?

Call or email us and we will help you in designing delicious cake for your special occasion.




How do you price the cakes, cupcakes and cookies?

Our prices are based on how many people will be served and how much time it takes us to make your creation.
All our cakes are delicious works of art that take time.

We have 3 price pages on our website.

Gourmet classics are classic designs with butter cream

Designer cakes these give you a whole lot of WOW without the OW

Specialty cakes- these cakes are your creation, ideas and designs- specifically made for you.

This is what makes Designing Delicious so special.


Shipping and delivery-


How are cakes delivered?

All our cakes are hand delivered prices below – list prices on that page

Why can’t cakes be delivered in a less expensive fashion like DHL ?

Our top priority is to make sure all our orders are delivered the way they left the bakery; that is with tender loving care to ensure a timely arrival and an impeccable experience for your recipient.

I want my delivery to be a surprise – why do I need to supply a phone number?

We understand surprises are fun; we are sure you understand address mistakes can be made. If we are given a wrong building number or apartment number we need to be able to reach the recipient or their gift will not be able to be delivered.


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