Four Fun: Purim Cupcakes

Four Fun: Purim Cupcakes


6 Fun Purim cupcakes and Israeli candy

Because it needs to be “A Taste of Home in Israel” we have 4 simple and delicious baskets available. Our focus is what’s inside, not the wrapping.

Special Delivery rate for Purim Only; $10 1st delivery in the Jerusalem area and $7.50 each additional delivery. Purim packages will be delivered Thursday or Friday before Purim.

  1. Hi. This looks very delicious. I want to check with my son if he requires only eida charedis hashgachot. I thin Badatz is ok but I want to be sure. Please let me know the cutoff date.

    Good luck with your venture. I took a class with you in WH at a Chabad event.

    If you ever get to Boynton Beach, Florida give me a call. Maybe we can set a workshop up at our wonderful Chabad. Our Rebbitzen Dinie Ciment is always looking for exciting things to do at our Womens’ circle.
    Helen Schulman

  2. HI,
    I actually use all Eida Charedi you can let your son know. I also deeliver to a lot of Yeshivas and seminaries in Israel including Beis Yisrael in Neve yaakov, Mircaz HaTorah in Yerushalayim and Yeshiva HaKotel in the Old City to name a few.
    If I ever get to Florida I will let you know.
    Thanks and glad you enjoyed my class in WH.

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Kosher Cakery is a bakery located in Bet Shemesh, Israel. We deliver fresh baked cakes, cookies and cupcakes to the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv areas. Send our delicious baked goods and custom creations to your child or other family and friends in Israel. For special occasions or just because - Kosher Cakery is your source for all things delicious!