Four Fun: Purim Cupcakes

Four Fun: Purim Cupcakes


6 Fun Purim cupcakes and Israeli candy

Because it needs to be “A Taste of Home in Israel” we have 4 simple and delicious baskets available. Our focus is what’s inside, not the wrapping.

Special Delivery rate for Purim Only; $10 1st delivery in the Jerusalem area and $7.50 each additional delivery. Purim packages will be delivered Thursday or Friday before Purim.

  1. Hi. This looks very delicious. I want to check with my son if he requires only eida charedis hashgachot. I thin Badatz is ok but I want to be sure. Please let me know the cutoff date.

    Good luck with your venture. I took a class with you in WH at a Chabad event.

    If you ever get to Boynton Beach, Florida give me a call. Maybe we can set a workshop up at our wonderful Chabad. Our Rebbitzen Dinie Ciment is always looking for exciting things to do at our Womens’ circle.
    Helen Schulman

  2. HI,
    I actually use all Eida Charedi you can let your son know. I also deeliver to a lot of Yeshivas and seminaries in Israel including Beis Yisrael in Neve yaakov, Mircaz HaTorah in Yerushalayim and Yeshiva HaKotel in the Old City to name a few.
    If I ever get to Florida I will let you know.
    Thanks and glad you enjoyed my class in WH.