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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to  Kosher Cakery’s blog. We are looking forward to hearing from you as we share our baking experiences together.  We have all had our Martha Stewart moments while in the kitchen, whether it was getting the Duncan Hines Brownies gooey to perfection or impressing the mother in law with a scrumptious meal. But, if you are like me you have also had your fair share of mistakes in the kitchen!

This blog will give you the tips and recipes to easily add to your cooking and baking forte as we share the laughs in the mistakes and epic fails that have gone down in the kitchen.

To start off I would like to share with you my first baking experience. I have been baking since  I was about 11. The first time I baked a cake by myself I had been talking on the phone with a friend and I felt so grown up! After I had finished I had felt so accomplished and could not wait for my family to try my chocolate cake. My mother cut the cake and I waited for everyone to tell me how good it was, I was already patting myself on the back. As my family began eating they noticed one minor mistake I had made… turned out I was so busy on the phone I put in NINE CUPS of sugar instead of nine oz! Needless to say my mother helped me get some more experience until the next time I baked dessert for the family by myself.  What was your first baking experience like?

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

From Our Kitchen to Yours