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HI Everyone,

This has been such an exciting month for us here at Kosher Cakery. We landed in Israel August 14th and 2 weeks later had over 20 orders to fill for Rosh Hashana! It was an experience.

First we had to make our recipes to make sure they tasted up to our standards. Being in a new country with different ingredients, and a different altitude, and new ovens all add up a new experience. The first 6 cakes we made kept sticking to the pans;  they were crumbling around the edges and coming out dryer than we like. So we had to adjust the oven temperature but also found that we have to spray and flour every pan before we use it. We finally got the cakes to the quality we like and we turned to our buttercream. The chocolate I must admit was AWESOME! The chocolate here is delicious; but we weren’t happy with the vanilla buttercream. We experimented with different types of non dairy creamers; we tried everything from coffee whitener, to whip cream, and different types of soy milk. Then we started experimenting with different margarine’s. We called another baker here and she suggested we whip our icing for about 7 min.  Guess what it worked! So we now have delicious creamy buttercream!

If you are having trouble at home try using the paddle and whip it a little longer. Our next challenge is getting our chocolate filling to that can’t get enough consistency and taste. If you have ever moved and we would love to hear your experiences.


From Our Kitchen to Yours