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HI Everyone,

We just got a call to make a Pirate themed cake. The best calls are the ones where it is up to my imagination. So I as a surfed the web to find inspirations of the high seas I was finally inspired enough to fill my piping bag and go to work. We decided to make part of the cake “water” and have ships sailing the seas. The only dilemma was how to get the sails to stand and not fall over into our royal icing ships. After a few ships sank we decided to go back to the basics and try using a tooth pick to hold up the sail. Finally it worked and the ships were ready to be put on the cake. The ocean and ships were done, but what is a pirates cake without some treasure? Even though it isn’t Chanuka time yet we found some gold coins, then added an ‘X”, something was still missing. With a burst of creativity we decided to add palm trees and an actual pirate! The cake was a whirlwind adventure and Gilad felt like a real pirate