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HI Everyone,

 So Tuesday is the official day where we share with you all of those not-so Martha Stewart moments.
I was on my way delivering a cake, it was perfect timing I was going away for shabbat and I had enough time to make it to  Jerusalem and get to Har-Nof. I walk in and they are setting up for the sheva brachot (the dinner made for a married couple the week after they get married). I was balancing a  box of bridal cookies on top of a huge cake. As I entered the room I saw a box of fruit on the floor; I adeptly avoided it. As I brought the cake to the kitchen,  I thought everything was going smoothly, it went a little too smoothly as I then proceeded to slip! on fruit!  and No it was not a banana peel, but a basket of fruit… It was impossible to see holding a huge box in front of me. Now why someone would just leave that in the middle of the floor (well really by the wall) and assume no one would trip is beyond me. But in trying to balance myself, and ,  not drop either box, I smashed the entire top of the cake. Time was of the essence, but I now had a huge dilemma!
I was stuck in a sticky situation; the cake needed to be fixed and I needed to leave for shabbat. So I decided to make a phone call, I called my assistant and as it turned out she was on her way back to Ramat Beit Shemesh at that moment! We devised a plan: I would go back to the Kosher Cakery headquarters and get the pastry bags, icing, fondant, rolling pin, cookie cutter … my mind  was racing if I forget one item she may be unable to fix the cake properly! She got to the Shul with enough time to thoroughly clean the counter before I showed up with all of our supplies. As I began to put them all on the counter her jaw dropped… maybe two containers of icing,a pastry bag, a couple tips, two tubs of fondant, ten different flower cutters, three leaf cutters and three dyes was a bit much, but hey! better safe than sorry! She assured me it would be fine and I headed off to Jerusalem. Meanwhile she got down to work.
The entire top of the cake that at first looked beautiful; decorated in purple butter cream roses and green butter cream leaves was now nothing but a blob of purple and green icing on the top of the cake. She then had to take off the icing on top of the cake, and re-ice it (so what if she only needed one tub of icing… well one quarter of a tub, when I had brought two). With her creative ability she began to make flowers and leaves, until there was no more room on the fondant mat and then nicely arranged it on the cake. After Shabbat I decided to give them a call, to make sure everything with the cake went smoothly(hopefully not as smooth as before), as I was about to start apologizing for ruining the cake ,the happy parents interjected how beautiful and well done the cake looked and how happy they were with it! It was creamy and chocolaty and looked perfect! I then wished them a shavua tov and called my assistant. Her voice was a bit shaky as she answered the phone, not knowing whether or not she did a good or bad job, this was her first cake she decorated to sell completely unsupervised, after a year of internship. When I told her the good news she was so happy and exclaimed MAZEL TOV! Whether she meant it for the happy couple or for her achievement I will never know.
From Our Kitchen To Yours