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HI Everyone,

We, at Kosher Cakery, know how much we love it when people share baking tips with us; so we thought we’d share some with you. Every week we will give you a tip that we have learned or give you a recipe we love.
If there is any thing specific you would like us to address please drop us a comment and let us know; and we will try to address it.
This week we thought we’d talk about Buttercream because someone had mentioned how hers just never turns out right. So here is the thing; you cannot underestimate the power of how ingredients affect your recipe. One day I was having a private decorating session with a pastry chef. I was so excited! 
There was a sale on confectionary sugar, and I bought a lot of it. But when I made the buttercream it just wouldn’t hold up correctly. The pastry chef told me you can only do so much with this buttercream- don’t skimp on quality
But it isn’t only the confectionary sugar that can affect your recipe. If I use soy milk it is one consistency, Richs whip or Richs creamer a different consistency. 
It is important for us, here at Kosher Cakery, to have quality control, but you baking at home also want to know a recipe will work well; no one wants to be frustrated. When we use the Richs whip the buttercream is much thicker and easier to hold together for flowers or designs on a cake. Experiment and see what you like or what works for you.
Remember quality ingredients do make a difference.
~With Love From Our Kitchen to Yours