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HI Everyone,

So we all have those Shabbatot that are just crazy and hectic, where we are sweeping the floors all the while bathing the kids and checking the chicken in the oven. It was one of those weeks and on top of all the regular chaos it was about two hours before Shabbat and I was still out and about running errands. My son, twelve years old at the time, noticed that dessert had not yet been made and decided to be helpful and bake a cake for me. He had been baking with me in the kitchen since he was three, so him deciding to bake on his own wasn’t a shock to anyone and the rest of my family had no fears of the house burning down. I come home about an hour before Shabbat to find him looking over a cookbook, staring at the bowl in front of him and then his eyes moved back to the cookbook, something was wrong. I walk into the kitchen and I asked him what’s wrong? He had mixed up two recipes, the clock was ticking and we had to now fix this mess, as I looked at both of the recipes I began to notice that the amount of flour, sugar, salt etc was not so off from each other… So after some rock, paper, scissors we picked one recipe and finished that one; and it actually came out better than we thought.

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