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Hi Everyone,

A friend called me up; her daughters Bat Mitzvah was  in a couple weeks and she wanted to know if I could make her a cake. Of course; not a problem. But her daughter wanted to come over and look through my photo  albums, and other cake decorating books to get an idea of what she wanted and then she wanted me to teach her how to decorate her cake. So she came over, and after pouring over many many many pictures she finally decided on a basket filled with all different kinds of flowers.

This meant teaching her how to basket weave with buttercream, and make a variety of flowers for her cake. We had a great time coloring fondant, cutting it out and turning it into a garden. One of the flowers she wanted to make was her Moms favorite flower “calanit”. We found a picture of it and got to work. When we were done we had 6 beautiful life like calanit flowers. She left and my job was to place the flowers on the cake and finish the basket weave  As I started putting the “calanit” flowers on the cake they started breaking. We had made them so thin and real that they were extremely fragile. Now I had to make them again, since I obviously couldn’t give her broken flowers. She had made them especially for her Mom and wanted to give her one as a surprise. There was one left unbroken that I gingerly put in a box.

It was a great feeling for her to have not only designed her cake, but been a part of the entire process.