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HI Everyone,

One of the oddest issues I faced after I moved was getting the cake out of the cake pan.  “Odd” because I never had any trouble while living in NY. Generally I sprayed my pan with Pam and lined the bottom with parchment paper.  Now I was finding that my cakes were sticking to the pans or falling apart when I flipped them over. There were A LOT of cakes that had to be remade.  Then I remembered before the days of PAM; bakers actually used butter and flour on their pans to ensure the cake didn’t stick. So we are now old school; as we grease up (with margarine) and flour our pans. We actually have also been spraying PAM on our parchment paper (just to be safe)! For anyone who has ever had their cake stick; we hope this helps!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours