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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever had one of those days when you wonder to yourself  what were you thinking? Well unfortunately for me more often than not I have started to bake and then realized I was missing an ingredient. It is very frustrating. But one day in particular I remember crystal clear. I had decided THIS time I wasn’t going to run out of anything. THIS time I would check my cabinets, make a list and then go to the supermarket. So I did just that. As I was pushing my cart down the supermarket aisle I was feeling so proud of myself that this time I wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of the recipe.

Then I got home and opened up the recipe to start baking. Well I guess I should have looked at the recipe first- then gone to the supermarket. So off I go again. Just running in for that one item I forgot. As The measuring and mixing of ingredients is coming along, I realize that I am still out of something. The vanilla, that nice dark brown colored little bottle is actually almost empty, and the 1/2 a teaspoon left is not anywhere near enough for the amount I need. So Once again I go back to the store.

Now that the bakery is in Israel, and I am not just making one cake, and running to the supermarket is not so easy; THIS time when I go I stock up. Only when I decide to make something different do I once again run into trouble. Who can relate?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours