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What can I say I am writing this blog today because once again I have managed to get cocoa powder everywhere.  Cocoa powder is one of those things that added to recipes is delicious; but doing it without making a mess can be another story.

Almost every recipe I have ever read always says to mix the cocoa powder with the flour BEFORE mixing it into the batter. But how often have I thought who wants to make another bowl dirty? I’ll just add it in it won’t matter. Well here’s the thing it actually does make a huge difference. Cocoa powder does not mix in well; but if it is mixed with the flour then it does not fly up in the air making a huge mess. If you are making hot chocolate from scratch better to mix it into the sugar and a little milk first and get a little paste, then add the hot milk. Tonight when I make the chocolate butter cream I will remember to mix the cocoa powder into the confectionery sugar before creaming it with the margarine.

One more tip- when you butter and flour a cake pan, if you are making a chocolate cake use cocoa powder instead of white flour.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours