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Hi Everyone,

You would think that with my being a baker everything turns out perfectly; and that our Shabbos meals, especially desserts, are nothing less than perfect.

But you’d be wrong. This past week, after baking for all the orders, including the Challot; I started  baking for Shabbat for my family. My son was so excited his friends were coming and after eating yeshiva food a good home cooked meal was what they wanted.

Friday night I put one challah in the oven to warm up, but when I tried to get it out of the pan for us to eat, it was so stuck it broke apart. Then we cut into the 2nd  Challah, and found it dry, not nice and moist. I started thinking maybe I should have used a timer and not just kinda guessed. Then when it came to dessert the brownies were also not baked the way they should have been….

So it was not the perfect meal for my family. As for the challah order – they thought it was so delicious they put in a standing order for every week! My son is thinking of calling in an order to make sure next week our food will come out as good as the bakery. I guess its true the shoemakers children don’t have shoes.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours