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Putting on a crumb coat can get difficult. Sometimes, the buttercream wont stick to the cake or  crumbs get into the buttercream, either way it just doesn’t work. An easy way that I found to fix this problem is to use a pastry bag with a large tip or a zip lock baggie with the point cut off to first ice the cake. This way the crumbs don’t get picked up into the buttercream. After filling the bag with buttercream, slowly go around the sides of the cake covering most of the cake. It does not matter if parts of the cake do not have buttercream on them. The buttercream should be a little thick. Then do the same thing with the top of the cake until the whole cake is completely covered with buttercream.

Next take a spatula and smooth over the buttercream that you just put on the sides of the cake. Keep in mind as you go around that you will probably need to wipe off some excess icing from the spatula, and should continue to do so to keep smoothing over the cake properly.  Make sure that there is not much time between icing the cake and smoothing it with the spatula or the buttercream will harden and will not spread well.  Let us know your favorite buttercream.


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