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Kosher Cakery Hot Chocolate

HI Everyone,

Today was one of those cold rainy days that we just couldn’t let stay that way. At Kosher Cakery, my assistant and I decided to have a little fun moved out of our decorating kitchen and made ourselves hot chocolate, not from a mix, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

It changed our whole day. Here in Israel the way they usually make hot chocolate is they put a piece or 2 of real chocolate into a mug and pour hot milk over it. Actually it is pretty AWESOME! Real chocolate, now melted and nice and creamy…mmm good. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have any chocolate handy; but we did have cocoa. So we warmed up the milk, whisked in the cocoa added a little sugar and we were set.

For our Kosher Cakery Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies we added white chocolate chips and real chunks of chocolate. Fresh out of the oven -nothing like warm cookies.  If you’d like a copy of the recipe just email us at
Tell us what turns your day around?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours