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HI Everyone,

I got a call this week from a Mom who wanted to send something to her son for Chanukah. But she didn’t want to just send to him, she wanted him to be able to share it with his friends- at least 80 of his friends! After looking on the website she thought The Piano cake would be a good cake, looks great  and has both vanilla and chocolate so everyone can be happy.

I made all the cake  layers vanilla, and on the bottom filled it with vanilla butter-cream,  the top layer was filled with  chocolate cream. This was a cake every kid would enjoy! I was in the mood to put a different type of flower on the cake; usually it is a white rose. But I decided to make a white flower with a black center dipped in sparkles, it gave the cake a whole new look, which I love.  Everything was ready…

I asked the delivery guy two days a go to be at my home by 5:30 pm because it had to be in Jerusalem by 7:30 pm. At 4:00 I tried calling him to leave early because there was a lot of traffic. I guess it isn’t just the LIE that gets backed up.

Trying to coordinate delivering the cakes with the recipient, and working out times with the delivery guy is not always so easy. Today was no exception. The delivery guy, who likes to get a “perk” cupcake, showed up at the time the cake was supposed to be delivered! Luckily for me I had backed up the time a little so 7:30 wasn’t the latest time it could be delivered, and the boys were just happy to get their goodies, at any hour. Running your own bakery there are always kinks in the road and I guess this is just one of them. In comparison the delivery issues could always be worse-like when a taxi driver drove away with the goods and delivered them 24 hours later! Another story for another time.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours