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Kosher iPhone Cake


HI Everyone,

This weeks story is not actually about a cake. There are many challenges in running  a business; especially one where we are there to help people celebrate. There is nothing better than knowing we are putting a smile on someones face, adding joy to their party; whatever the theme, big or small.

We got an order for an iPhone cake. We were so excited by this challenge. We believe in doing things the old fashioned way; which meant making each individual app not printing it through a machine and adding it to a piece of fondant. We found out which apps the kid had on his phone and set out to replicate each of them. We mixed the variety of fondant colors needed and using Google images and different fondant cookie cutters we were able to produce the apps. Some took a few tries, some more than a few; but we were so thrilled at the thought of the birthday boy getting this Amazing cake.

The cake was rich chocolate filled with chocolate cream.  We wrapped vanilla fondant on top of the chocolate butter-cream; which by the way gave the fondant an awesome taste, and then used silver/white glitter to make the screen shine. The momentum was building. We had other orders due for Shabbat but this one was special.

 We were so looking forward to seeing the expression on his face, we personally delivered it. But guess what the kid was not there. He had gone away for Shabbat. We were a little frustrated. Then we found out the cake was supposed to be delivered on Monday! How could we have delivered the cake so early? The customer was not happy and we felt bad for letting her down. So we made it up by delivering  chocolate covered chocolate cupcakes, this time, on the right day. The birthday boy was thrilled he now had an awesome cake, tons of cupcakes, and celebrated his birthday with his friends for 3 days not just one.

We learned an important lesson and redid our order forms to include the date And the day of the week. We also remembered no matter how hard we try we are all human, mistakes happen and there isn’t anything a cupcake can’t fix.

What apps would you put on your I Phone?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours