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Cat Cake

HI Everyone,

We were asked how we made the cats for our Cats in a Basket cake. The cats and their tails were made out of fondant. We drew a cat tail and cut it out. Then we rolled a piece of fondant like a snake and shaped it to the tail cut out. We flattened the bottom of the tail so it could stand on the cake. We then inserted 2 wooden skewers to keep the tail from flopping over. Then very carefully using a scissors we cut very tiny slits all over the tail. This gave it the effect of looking like fur. We lay the tails down to dry for a few days.
We again used fondant for the cats to shape their bodies. It took a long time and quite a number of tries until they had the shape of a cat. Next we cut out green and black fondant for the eyes. When you try to make any animal or person, it is important to have a picture of what you are making in front of you; this way you can check to see if the eyes are the correct shape, that the nose and mouth the correct distance from each other; and all the other details needed to help bring your creation to life. 

Have fun and share with us what you decided to make.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours