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HI Everyone

It may seem hard to imagine that there could ever be left over cake; but just in case you might find yourself in that situation here are some ideas of what to do with it.

This past Shabbat my son had a ton of boys coming over, I had very little time and a ton of bits and pieces of cake. From those left over pieces I made 2 fantastic desserts. The first one was a trifle. Trifle is usually broken cake layered with whip cream and fruit and then more cake layered with whip cream and fruit. Many people also will pour a flavored liquor over the cake to give it added moisture and flavor.  Some of the left over cake had butter cream icing on the pieces and some did not but when all the pieces of cake were layered with whip cream and strawberries no one knew the cake was left over; the buttercream on some of the pieces added flavor and it took 10 minutes to put together.
The 2nd dessert I made was a chocolate chip pie. The crust is leftover pieces of cake mixed with buttercream to make it really creamy and moist and then a few Tablespoons of cocoa powder. This mixture became the crust. When it was baked it was a melt in your mouth type of crust that was as delicious to eat as the middle of the chocolate chip pie. We warmed it up for dessert; it was like eating a warm chocolate chip cookie with the added thrill of a melt in your mouth crust. All we needed was the ice cream. Don’t worry next time we won’t for get that!

What is a fast easy dessert you like to make?

`Love From Our Kitchen to Yours