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Cake Plates

HI Everyone,

This has been an interesting week here at Kosher Cakery.  We decided it was time to go explore Israel and see what baking stores we could find to bring you the best possible goodies.  We traveled into Tel Aviv, which by bus is no short trip. We started in the neighborhood of Bnei Brak, where we found a store that sells cake plates. This might not seem like  a big deal to you but since the supply we brought from the states is almost depleted; it is important to find more and soon. In another language, and working with the metric system, I managed to find every size cake plate we need.

Now it was on to find boxes. This was not as successful, but I did make it down to the baking district part of Tel Aviv.  There I found the smallest store I have ever seen, a fabulous place that almost seemed magical. It reminded me of Olivanders in Harry Potter just much smaller.  I bought so many wonderful things, including Satin Ice fondant, and a gold and silver shimmer dust.

Still in search of boxes I headed out to Jerusalem to the shuk (the market place). I took every suggestion I could get including asking bakeries where they purchase boxes but still to no avail.

It seems it will take a few more attempts .

~Love From Our Bakery to Yours