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Animal Cake

  HI Everyone,

We at Kosher Cakery love to use Fondant. Fondant is like an edible play dough. It is made primarily from sugar and by adding some gel dye you can make it any color you’d like. Because fondant is made of sugar you cannot use the liquid food dyes from the supermarket because it will kind of “melt” the fondant. Water and fondant do not mix! Specialty baking shops or a place like Michaels and art supply store sells gel dyes.

There are a lot of things you can do with fondant -most are only limited by your own imagination. For example on this cake we made the horses mane and tail pushing the fondant through a garlic press. We use a mini pizza cutter to cut out the pieces, and a brush with sharp bristles to scratch the straw for the horse.

We’ll share more tips next time. If there is anything you’d like to know feel free to email us or send us a comment.

~Love From Our Kitchen to yours