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The Mess

HI Everyone,

I was asked to teach a cake decorating class for teenage girls. Many of them already knew the basics of cake decorating and were looking to learn more advanced techniques. When the girls arrived I explained that we needed to go over a few basics just to make sure everyone had the same information.  Although I had pre-baked one cake for each girl I wanted to bake one cake together.  As the girls started taking notes on what I was saying I knew that was a smart move. We put the cake in the oven and I didn’t realize I had the oven turned on too high.You know where this is going right?

Then, I moved on to teaching them how to put the filling in the cake and the best way to crumb coat a cake. Everything was going well and I was helping them; until I could not crumb coat my own cake! Luckily there is another lesson next week.

Have you ever taught something you  know so well and messed it up?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours