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Hi Everyone,

Last week I had an order for Red Velvet cake. I made the cake and sent it on its way. A few hours later he called me up and changed his mind about the frosting he wanted on the cake. So I needed to make a new Red Velvet; but I did not have anymore red food coloring.

I went to the local store and found the section for baking, then I set about trying to figure out what might be red food dye. I was so excited by the red bottles without reading them I bought 2. I mean what else comes in these little bottles and is red?
I bring them home and start my cake. When it comes time to add the color I open the bottle and realize something smells a little strange. As I start reading it turns out I bought Rum! Why it is red I do not know; but I had to go on another search for red dye!
The customer got his cake, his wife loved it and we enjoyed the “mistake” for Shabbos. There wasn’t too much left once I gave the go ahead.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours