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HI Everyone,

I got the most exciting phone call the other day. Would I be willing to create a cake for a fundraiser for children with learning disabilities and special needs. The fundraiser was going to feature a fashion show and have a special guest speaker Jamie Geller form “Quick and Kosher”.

Of course I was thrilled at this offer and opportunity to help children. I thought about what I could do to incorporate both the fundraiser and the kids. I settled on making a 3 tiered cake; the top and bottom representing the fashion show and the middle representing the kids; and the logo of the organization. It was a lot of fun making the dresses out of fondant, and cascading the “pearls” from the top of the cake. I made the logo out of fondant, and then made miniature versions of a pencil, book and notebook. I was also asked to have some cupcakes there so we made 52 different types.

I had over 100 mini cupcakes for people to taste and there was nothing better than hearing people say “wow this really tastes great”, or “I can’t believe it tastes as good as it looks”…

Hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl weekend.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours