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Hamentashen cupcakes

Hi Everyone,

We were insanely busy for Purim and our one oven was on overtime as we made a record of 10 Purim cakes, 8 specialty cakes, 625 cupcakes, 1,480 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and over 300 decorated cookies in one week. It was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting all at once.

All hands were on deck as we needed to get in extra help. We had tables set up and lined with cupcakes to decorate,  cookies to bag,  cookies to decorate, and candy bags to fill. It was challenging trying to spread out all the Purim boxes to be filled, and  bags of candy to be tied. As I’d start each day after about 2 1/2 hours sleep a night I kept thinking of Buddy’s phrase “It’s go time”. With the amount of orders we had to fill we had to come up with a system and fast!. There were 8  birthday cake orders to fill; we worked on those first, after they were all done we started on our sugar cookies. Then made 18 batches of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie batter! While the cookies baked we started decorating the sugar cookies; 160 had Purim Sameach written on them after being decorated, talk about writers cramp! Our next big job was to make all the cupcakes and decorate them while the Purim cakes were baking. Being a small bakery space was of the essence; we brought in extra tables and it was standing room only. 

Once we had all our goodies decorated and packed up we had to work out a delivery schedule. It is not easy to coordinate over 80 deliveries all on the same day. Although we were dropping from exhaustion there was nothing better than having people call after they had received our Shalach Manos and now wanted to send to a friend! We hope you all had a wonderful Purim. If you made something special we would love to hear about it.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

Purim mask cupcakes