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Hi Everyone,

I Love cake decorating. I love getting orders for cake decorations I never did before and then figuring out how to do them. The majority of my orders do not involve flowers. This has sort of been a relief for me because I was not really happy with the Roses I made.They were ok but I wanted fabulous!

Then yesterday my daughter and I sat down with someone who has taught many people how to make roses. I learned 2 things, first the base will make or break the rose. If the base is not big enough or strong enough the petals won’t be able to stay properly. Second when putting on the next petal it needs to go from the middle of the one before it. Many you tube videos show the standard 3,5,7 rule of putting on leaves but I could not see until my daughter pointed it out that I was not starting my next petal in the middle. How often in life do we need someone else to give us perspective?

So now here are 3 of my new roses with a rose cake coming up this weekend!

What is your favorite cake decoration to make? What would you like to learn how to make?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours