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Hi Everyone,

I am used to using gels to color butter cream, royal icing and fondant. I have used the gels to  paint a pastry bag so the frosting comes out 2 different colors. But I confess I have never really worked with powder colors. I have seen powders used but watching someone use them and being taught in person makes such a big difference.

Last night I had the pleasure of learning from an expert sugar flower chef Yehuda Schwartz. Yehuda generally doesn’t teach so this was a real treat! He spent years working with flowers so he really knows the nuances of each flower. He taught me how to put the powder on the brush and how to color the flowers with shading which is what makes a flower look like it was picked from the garden. I now know that making those flowers is at least a 3 or 4 day process which is also what makes them look so beautiful.

Now I am onto the ultimate challenge of using my new skills to make a family members engagement cake; which will be decorated in lots of sugar flowers. Stay tuned…

Let us know what you would love to learn in the world of baking and decorating.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours