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HI Everyone,

Sunday night I got a call for a really fun cake. it was a 1/2 sheet cake one layer vanilla and one chocolate. A father was ordering it because his daughter is in the middle of finals and he wanted to give her a little fun something for a break. We talked about doing a chocolate cream filling with raspberry jam and then covering the cake in a buttercream. She loves to read to unwind and chill, so we decide to put a couple book on there and then the rest of the design  was up to me. He wanted “Relax and Eat Cake” written in the middle and I thought if we surround that with flowers and a few books it would give the feel of  laying out in field relaxing with a good novel.

Well Tuesday night comes along, and I am prepping for some other orders coming up for Thursday and Friday; and in the back of my mind I am planning what flowers to put on the cake. A few minutes after 10:00 p.m.  I get a phone call. “Hi Devorah, we spoke the other day.” I say sure I remember, don’t worry, and he says, “she never got it!”  My heart sinks, wait; we just spoke, Sunday ? He said yes I told you I wanted the cake for Monday. Oh my goodness! I thought it was for next week. Generally orders come in a few days in advance, when someone calls last minute they usually say can you do this for tomorrow?  So I assumed….

I told him I would have it to her the next day after her final. I called his daughter to find out what time I could have it  delivered it and she told me she has a final from 8-12; which means none of my regular delivery guys can take it because they leave early in the morning and a cake cannot sit in a car.  Well starting a sheet cake at 10 pm is not going to be quick. Because after it bakes,( and it wasn’t even in the pan yet), it has to cool. I do not have a flash freezer, so cooling usually takes a few hours especially with a cake that size. If you try to ice a cake while it is even warm the buttercream will melt right off.

I filled the cake, and covered it in buttercream and went to bed so I could finish decorating in the morning; since I knew I had until 12 to get it delivered to her.  I got up, felt inspired and started on the flowers. Blue is her favorite color so I wrote the “Relax and Eat Cake: in blue.  In the end I think she is going to Love the cake.We got everything finished and I had Itzik my back up cab driver  delivering it to her.

I emailed a picture to her father. In the end I knew everything turned out fine when I received this email “We spoke with her in Jerusalem – she (and many, many friends) were very happy with the cake.”

No time to sit and relax; we have a very cool cake coming up- stay tuned.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours