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HI Everyone,

June is National Safety Month. So we at Kosher Cakery thought we would share a few kitchen safety tips.

The kitchen can sometimes be a hazardous place even to the most experienced chef, and accidents usually happen when we are rushing and have other things on our mind, or are really tired. So, try to slow down when you are in the kitchen and stay focused.  I have turned on the gas stove and not realized the flame blew out because of a fan or the direction the air conditioner was blowing. When you are cooking, or if you need to leave the flame on for an extended period of time, make sure to check it.  Flames spread quickly and although we try to keep cool in the hot kitchen with a fan or air conditioner you also don’t want a gas leak because a flame went out.  Remember with little children around to keep things on the stove cooking on the back burners, and when taking things out of the oven to put them on the back of the counter. Kids like to look in pots but Remember steam from a pot can burn.  If you have an older child turn on or off your stove, make sure you double check that it is indeed on or off.

Cooking with kids can for some be a lot of fun, but it adds a whole different level of safety concerns. Although it is much easier to pull up a chair to the counter top you are working on; it is often more dangerous. I would set up my kids at a table and work next to them. It prevented them from standing on a folding chair that could suddenly collapse, or from seeing all the wondrous things a counter can hold, that they don’t normally see. It is easier to clear the table from  sharp knives or hot food.  Often we do not realize how sharp a knife is, even older children do not realize how fast a knife can cut. Even a plastic knife can cut. Although we often take for granted and appreciate how much older children can help; they still need to be reminded of safety rules. Teach them to always cut on a surface with their hands on top of whatever food they are cutting. Too many people have gone to the hospital trying to quickly cut something in their hand.

Lastly, although most of us do not wear long  flowing sleeves in the summer, keep in mind these can also catch on fire.

Remember what you learned in elementary school, if you should catch on fire, stop, drop and roll to put out the flames. If a fire should start in a pan, Do not put water on it. Use flour,  corn starch or try and cover it with a lid. Of course call the Fire Dept, or your doctor should anything happen.

This is not a complete list of safety tips; but a few that we thought would be helpful. Always beware, be safe and of course have fun!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours