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HI Everyone,

Latest fun project was a 50th wedding anniversary cake. They want to make it fun, different, interesting. Since the couple grew up in the 50’s how fun would that be to make a 50’s themed cake?  I think of Happy Days, the FONZ, I Love Lucy, Poodle Skirts, Elvis; the beginning of Rock n’Roll. But how do I make all that? How am I going to make it work on a cake? I also need to keep in mind this is a 50th wedding anniversary, so it needs to be special.

I draw out a few sketches after looking on line for ideas. I decide the bottom half should be fun, things that represent the 50’s and the top half should be classy.  I pull up Google Images of each 50’s Icon I want to make. This is now my 4th  guitar/violin,  now it is a bit easier-although I will confess I am still working on getting the correct color down. I now know the best way to make this is to put a stick through the middle to help give it support. The strings can only be made with string, but I come up with a cool way to make the tuning knobs also using a stick and covering them in grey fondant.

The record was easy, roll out black fondant cut with a circle cookie cutter and then using slightly smaller circles make the grooves of the record. I used a straw to make a hole in the middle. The Black leather jacket also had a support of sticks, which was really one stick not completely broken in 2 places so that it would remain attached but also be movable. I then cut the arms out and added a small strip of grey fondant that I ran a stitch pinwheel through. This gave it a zipper look. My goal was to paint sparkly silver on the zipper (forgot to shake off the brush) but it gave it the effect I wanted.  I have seen steamers used for fondant, but I do not own one and have never used one. Someone told me to try an iron. So I put the iron on steam and it worked!!! What a difference it made on the jacket! How cool was that?

To make the top classy, I made white bows with a stripe of black going through the middle. The stripe gave it a great look, changed the feel of the top of the cake and at the same time fit with the bottom.  It was a great cake and they Loved it!

Send us your cake success story.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours