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Hi Everyone,

When Avital Borvick was turning 12, her parents helped her celebrate by arranging a special session with Devorah in which they made the 100-serving Bat Mitzvah cake together.

“I watch a lot of YouTube videos on cake decorating, like Cake Boss, to learn,” said Avital. “When my mom told me I could do this with Devorah, I was really happy and excited.”

Avital’s mother, Fayge Borvick, said that her daughter loves cake decorating, and she was happy to give her the experience of spending time with Devorah, an old friend. “The two of them decided on everything together. She really listened to Avital, and gave her a lot of independence. It was just such a good experience.”

Avital and Devorah did all steps of the cake together. “I picked that design just because I liked it,” said Avital. “She taught me what to do, and we did it together. Devorah was really patient. If I didn’t understand something, she taught me until I got it. Working with her was interesting and fun.” She has incorporated the techniques she learned into baking and decorating cakes for family members and friends, and hopes to continue to build up her skill base. Fayge made special mention of the pride Avital felt at the finished product.

In addition to the special session for the Bat Mitzvah, Fayge has ordered a number of cakes from Kosher Cakery. “Devorah is so pleasant to deal with, and flexible. The cakes are delicious and we have marked a few different life events with them.”

Avital says that she would love to do more classes with Devorah.  Her current ambition is to do a layer cake. “I saw some really cool wedding cakes on YouTube,” she explained.

Wishing Avital and the Borvick family much Mazal Tov on her Bat Mitzvah, and wishing her bracha of continuing to bring Am Yisrael sweetness and simcha!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

Today’s post was written by Guest Blogger, Rachel Hershberg.