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Hi Everyone,

Things  have been very hectic and busy here at the bakery. We all know the saying “when it rains it pours.” Just my luck right before tons of orders came in I broke my arm, actually my elbow and my arm. Imagine baking with a broken arm?  My friends said that I should tell a cool story of how I broke it, other than by carrying cake batter, not that that sounds cliche` for a baker. I decided to pick rock climbing as my exciting feat, not that there are so many mountains to be found inside my kitchen. But nonetheless I decided to pick this daring sport, in the hope that no one would find the flaw in my story.  Aside from the semantics trying to bake one armed is pretty difficult.

Actually, Not really possible, the bowls are too big and heavy to lift, and trying to take things in and out of the oven with one arm is no simple task either.  It is funny how people assume that if it is not your dominant hand that is broken you can still do most things. But try working with one hand, really not so easy. Although I have mastered piping deigns and flowers on a cake provided someone else puts the buttercream in a bag for me.

Lucky for me my daughter and head assistant had just finished her year away as she walked in the door she had no idea what lay ahead. We’d love to hear your adventures.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours