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HI Everyone,

Wow it has been a long time. My son just got married, so we were a little pre-occupied here at the bakery. We were  so excited to be able to make THE Wedding cake. Together we poured over loads of wedding cake books until he and his fiance` picked the style cake they wanted.  Now it happens to be his fiances` brother is a well known wedding cake designer and we at Kosher Cakery were so excited to be able to make The Wedding Cake  with an expert.

We talked with the bride and groom and they chose the cake they wanted: a yellow cake with a real strawberry filling,  on the bottom layer; a creamy melt in your mouth Mocha for the 3rd layer; in the second layer we put a to die for toasted almond buttercream; and the top layer, the one they wanted to keep was a delicious cream cheese filling.

We baked all the cakes and filled them. Then we covered them in fondant which was put over an unbelievably delicious buttercream.  When all the cakes were covered we were ready to stack them. Kosher Cakery has made 3 tiered cakes but not a 4 tiered cake as big as the one we were making for this wedding.  We put dowels in the bottom layers and stacked the cakes. It was late at night when we finally turned in; confident that all we had left to do was the decorating. BUT the next morning my son ran in and woke me up,  the cake now looked like a leaning tower of Pisa. We had to unstack all the cakes and re-dowel the bottom 2 layers with bigger, stronger dowels.  We started to put all the layers back together. But after we re-stacked the bottom 2 layers we saw the fondant was cracked and we needed to recover the cakes. Once again we  re-covered the cakes we then started stacking them again. Now we were ready to decorate the cake. With Yehudas expert flower making and piping skills; and with some very cool pieces of equipment we put some fine detail onto the cake. The cake was now ready for the big day. All we had to do was get it there.

The next day we put the cake into the truck. What we didn’t realize was the truck was not well air conditioned, and it was not only the middle of a hot summer but we also got stuck in traffic. As we sat in traffic feeling the sweat drip we were worried about the cake. 30 minutes, 45, an hour later and it looked like the cake was holding up. The last 10 minutes we relaxed and drove up to the wedding hall. We went to the back to take out the cake and there it was the bottom 2 layers collapsed. They had melted in the heat and caved under the weight of the top layers.  Our hearts dropped, this cake was for the 2 most special people in the world my son and Yehuda’s sister. We still had cake to serve all the guests but the only thing left were the top 2 layers; beautiful but certainly not what the original cake looked like.

There was not a thing we could do about it. All we could do wassmile and go onto enjoy the celebration.  Now many lessons learned.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours