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HI Everyone,

Well things have been especially busy here with the new school year starting, and Rosh Hashana around the corner. The last 2 weeks have been almost as busy as Purim! We had tables set up, tags on each cake for what each customer wanted and the notes to be attached. Turned out for one day we had almost an even amount of chocolate and yellow 8″ cakes. But each one had a different filling and some had the same frosting on the outside.

Well you can imagine what happened, somehow, even though there was a tag attached to each cake, as we worked round the clock, somehow , someone mixed an order and the wrong cake went to the wrong person, and a mocha filling landed in a cake instead of a chocolate cream.

Being in the bakery business we take it seriously to bring a smile to everyone’s face. So we immediately sent out the correct cake. Getting a 2nd Birthday cake made the seminary girl and her friends very happy. We are very grateful for the feedback we get from our customers; who make our bakery what it is. As a special Thank you to you our customers we are offering a $5.00  discount on any Rosh Hashana order of the Bee Hive cake, or Rosh Hashana cookies. (Offer good until Sept. 3rd)

Now Rosh Hashana is coming up and we do not want to have another mix up, (although that was the 1st time that happened to us all year); still we don’t want to take any chances, so we will be double checking all the orders as they are put together.

We’d love to hear from you a time you mixed up a meal or a dessert you were preparing.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours