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Cake Disaster

Hi Everyone,

We were recently asked, what is the best way to transport a cake. After spending all that time in the kitchen making the perfect cake, smoothing out the frosting and adding all the detail in either buttercream or fondant you don’t want to have happen to you what happened to us. When we were in NY I remember delivering one of our 1st cakes. I had packed the cake with plenty of room,  not realizing what a mistake that was! I also didn’t realize until it was too late that the faster I drove before I had to  slow down kind of quickly made the cake  shift ever so slightly, and since there was all that nice room in the box, by the time I arrived half of the top layer was off the cake. Well, I am sure you can imagine what mess that was!

So what is the best way to get the cake to its destination without  an incident?

Transporting cakes in the heat of the summer is more challenging than any other time, so how nice that the weather is cooling down. For us in Bet Shemesh summer is the majority of the year. Here are a few tips to help you get your special  cake to family and friends.  First refrigerate your cake for several hours or overnight, this way in the heat of the day it will hold together better. There have been times when the top and bottom of the cake slide apart, if your cake is cold there is less chance of this happening.  I have also put a wooden skewer through the cake with part of it sticking out so it is obvious that there is a stick in the cake; this helps to keep the top and bottom layers from sliding, and if you have taken the time to decorate your cake the skewer will keep the box top or cake carrier from crushing your design.  Lastly try not to leave your cake in the car without air conditioning because the heat will eventually “melt” the  cake. You can read our blog THE Wedding Cake for that story  disaster.

We hope all of of  you enjoy your  holidays and hope these tips help  your cake and goodies to arrive safely.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours


Cake shown is not a Kosher Cakery cake