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HI Everyone,

What you might not know about Kosher Cakery is that our most important staff member, my daughter, was my right hand man (woman). She was my go to person, my “Ralph”.  As I was opening she showed her true talent in fondant. Whatever someone asked for she figured out how to make it.

Although last year she was studying here in Israel; when things got pretty hectic I could always count on her to lend a hand. Racheli would sit and take apart a picture to be able to figure out how to make it out of fondant. She would study the picture of what we needed to make; then figure out what cookie cutters and shapes we had that  could be used to recreate the idea in edible form.  Recently she   went to NY for the year.  Although obviously I miss her being close by, the bakery which had a record number of orders for Rosh Hashana, The Jewish New Year, and Succot, made us miss  her even more. We have orders for our Bee Hive cake (the only bakery that offers it in Israel); and if you are in NY call Gitti Allman of decoratemycakeny; but we also have a lot of  custom birthday cake orders.

As I work on our 90 plus Bees and pieces for birthday cakes, I find myself  thinking about her techniques and use them to make the train, laptop, guitar,  tank and other fun details needed to make the cakes special. It seems to be a great way to replicate something out of fondant; thinking about it in pieces and then slowly put it back together.   Feel free to share your stories of how you make things happen in your kitchen.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours