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Baking Powder or Soda?

Hi Everyone,

Well I had 2 cakes to get made for tomorrow and then tons of orders to make on Sunday. Tonight looked like it would be pretty easy. Although I had this nagging thought in my head I should have made the cakes a day earlier; I figured the night was young and it would be fine. Boy what a mistake that was.

I made a triple batter and poured it into my cake pans and cupcake tins. 20 minutes later when I just wanted to “check” the oven the cakes looked like they were burning. How strange- so I checked the temperature and lowered it a little, the cupcakes were doing fine. A few minutes later; the cupcakes are burned and the cake looks over done on top but is still raw inside.

I take out the cupcakes and let them cool a little and taste one; hazard of the job, but somebody has to be quality control!  It tastes weird. Ok I throw out the batch and the cake and make them again. I measure everything carefully, double check the oven and find that I had turned it to broil turbo! Great fixed my problem and put everything in the oven. 25 minutes later I check  on my goodies and they look great.

I cool the cake as fast as I can, and although I am trying not to taste so much, I decided I better do a quality control taste test. Hmmm still taste strange. I do not understand what on earth I am doing wrong. I mean this is my standard recipe; I must make this 5 times a day; you would think by now I’d have no issues.

For the 3rd time I start the recipe, and then as I am about to put in the baking powder I realize I have been using baking SODA!

Seriously! I keep my baking powder in a rather big container, no label on it, I know what it is, and until recently I was buying these little packets of baking soda, so the chance of them getting mixed up were rather slim. I recently found a really big container of baking soda; now keep in mind, one container is round and the other square. They do not look the same at all. In addition to which the baking soda says perfectly clearly soda.

Better to figure out a problem late than never.  Have you ever made a ridiculous mistake?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours