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Flower Power Party

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Hi Everyone,

Birthday parties; to some the word brings up feelings of trepidation, to others joy and excitement. If you are making a birthday  party, why not have fun too!?  Everyone loves to relax, play, create and eat of course. Well with a few cupcakes and a little planning, everyone can. With as few as 6 cupcakes, kids young and older, no age limit here,  can have fun for an hour.

Here are some sure fire tricks to help your next party be a success. Pre-make 6 cupcakes per guest. Make a couple batches of buttercream. Set up the table so every two people can share a rolling pin, cookie cutters(or anything circular), spatula (or plastic knife), bowl of buttercream, ball of fondant and any other items your guests will need. Being organized at the beginning makes all the difference in how smoothly your activity will run. Put a sample of each cupcake your guests will be making, in the center of  the table. When everyone can see what they will be making it takes a lot of guess work out of the project and alleviates frustration. Have everyone put buttercream on 3 or 4 cupcakes ahead of time, so they will be ready to decorate. If you want the base of your cupcake to be buttercream you are all ready to start. If you want it to be fondant then have everyone roll out the fondant nice and thin, and then using a circle cookie cutter cut out the piece of fondant and smooth it onto the buttercream on top of the cupcake.

The rest is up to your imagination. You can do a flower power party, animals, sports mania, make up and shopping, if you can think of it you can do it. The internet is a fabulous resource; just look up fondant, and whatever it is you want to create. Simple flowers like these are fondant cut into a rectangle and rolled up, the turtle is cut out in the shape of a circle; a little “stuffing” underneath to make it round, and roll out small legs, tail and head and tuck underneath. You can also go real simple and cut out stripes or circles and do polka dots. Whatever it is have fun. Tell us about a party activity you loved doing.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours