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HI Everyone,

Pam Ehrenkranz, of Greenwich, Connecticut, has known Devorah since they were teenagers, “When she was more into ice-skating than icing.” When Pam’s son Eli began studying in Israel for the year, she immediately thought of her old friend and her baking abilities. “We loved the idea of sending him a cake that reflected how he spent most of his time,” said Pam. Devorah picked out Eli’s favorite apps, based on Pam’s input, and got to work.“For each app, I had to separate the different shapes involved, and find the right cookie cutters,” explained Devorah. “Then, I had to play with reassembling the different shapes, and the different gel colors to get it just right.” The major challenge with cake was — Angry Birds. “The proportions were complicated, and the other apps are just visually simpler.”

“IPhone cakes are a lot of fun,” continued Devorah. “Every detail you add that makes it more realistic is satisfying. Watching it all come together is so exciting.” Although most iPhone cakes are ordered for students studying for a year, one was from a wife to her husband. 🙂

Pam said her son and his friends loved his cake. “Who doesn’t love an iPhone cake?” and adds that her favorite treat on the Koshercakery menu are the flourless cakes.

 ~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours
Rachel Hershberg, Guest Blogger