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AZ cupcakes Army

HI Everyone,

Well this week I actually had the opportunity to make cupcakes for my son, who  just finished basic training.  He has been through the heat of the summer where  it could easily reach 110 degrees with no A/C, sitting in a hot tank. Can you imagine 4 guys in a tank in the summer for a week?  It is hard to appreciate what soldiers go through to keep us all safe. With all their dedication, I thought they should all  have something special. I wanted to do something that was fun, and easy to share.  I opted for cupcakes which was easy for all the soldiers to be able to grab one  and go. It wasn’t  to hard to  figure out the colors, but to make it more interesting I did more of a mix ‘n match. His unit has black berets so we added them onto the cupcakes with miniature fondant army t-shirts. There were also plans to add in boots and a tank but really had no time for that. Instead I added dog tags, wasn’t aiming for realistic, just a “representation” to make him smile. Of course all his buddies found us and the cupcakes, pretty fast. Our mix n match was chocolate buttercream with green sprinkles, some  camouflage T-shirts withblack  berets,  and some camouflage buttercream (which was a mixture of white, green and very light brown) topped with a few fondant stars; because these soldiers that go out there for us, are STARS.

Tell us your story of a STAR Soldier you know.

~Love From our Kitchen to Yours