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Love Cookies

Get well cake and cookies

Hi Everyone,

I got a call from someone whose friend was in the hospital. She wanted to give her a gift to would cheer her up and could be shared with her family. It seemed that the first place to start was with bright happy colors; so we picked sunshine yellow, bright red and then some variations off of each of those colors. When someone is sick and they can’t eat a lot cake is too much; but sugar cookies are light enough and small enough so we decided to make the patient the sugar cookies and the family the cake. We stayed with the same colors and flower theme so together it would look beautiful and cheery. We also added in some Love cookies because this was ordered to cheer her up and our goal is to make everyone feel good, so the Love cookies seemed to work.

In retrospect I should have mixed and matched the cookie background as well; but when I started I had a concept in mind and then changed it half way through realizing the variations in color background would have made them “pop” a little more. So when you roll out your fondant at home use some of the colors you will be using on your cookie decoration.

How To: Roll out your sugar dough and cut the dough with what ever cookie cutter you like best. Then after the cookies are baked and cooled you will use this cutter for the fondant so it will be the perfect size.  It is much easier to cover all the cookies at once with the fondant base and then decorate them instead of covering one cookie and decorating it, and repeating that. If you pick some of the colors you will use in your decoration (my mistake) it will add so much to the look. Roll out one color at a time and using the same cookie cutter you used to cut your cookie dough cut out the fondant. Then you need glue to attach your fondant to the cookie.  I prefer using vanilla mixed with some corn syrup as my glue to help the fondant stick to the cookie.  Now pick out a few flower cutters and using the same  colors you used to cover your cookies make different flowers and mix n match the cookies. Meaning; one cookie make a bright big flower in the middle of the cookie and with a different color make the center.  On the next cookie use the color you used as the center in the last one as your flower , and you can now instead make a few smaller flowers and use a different color middle.

Be creative, let your imagination go and have fun. whatever you do if you work with the same colors no matter what designs you made it will have nice finished look to it.

We’d love to see your pictures of your success and hear what colors you would use to cheer someone up.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours