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Australia Cake

HI Everyone,

This remarkable cake was a birthday present from a Aussie who’d become friendly with a young woman doing National Service in Australia on “shlichut” (promoting Jewish identity abroad). Earlier, while he’d been in Israel studying in yeshiva, a friend of his had gotten a similar cake, and the young man was inspired to celebrate her birthday with memories of her time in Australia. Using the magic of the internet, he was able to order the cake from the other side of the globe and have it delivered to her in Israel. The surprise gift was “fantastic and delicious.”


Devorah enjoyed the creation of this new design. The island country naturally lent itself to the shape of the cake, and the koala and crocodile weren’t too difficult. The kangaroo posed more of challenge – keeping it upright, while balancing the tail and the pocket, was tricky. Devorah explains, “Tailoring the cake to the specific wishes of the client, and incorporating all their requests, are all part of what brings me great satisfaction in baking and decorating each cake.”


This author is just relieved it didn’t include Vegemite, and is hoping to see the cake-giver making his home in the Holy Land, perhaps with the recipient under the chuppah…. 🙂

~Love From Our Kitchen To Yours

Rachel Hershberg

Guest Blogger