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Hi Everyone,

A cute couple had just gotten engaged and were planning an engagement party. The aunt who was making the party wanted a Centerpiece cake. She called me up. She had a very specific idea of what she wanted. But she also wanted pictures of what the cake would look like ahead of time. Since most of our cakes are custom made; until we make yours there is no picture. It isn’t so practical to send a sketch. Brilliant tip by the way from Buddy Valestro. Although I have since learned most cake decorators make a plan, when I first started it was more a go with the flow type of design; but when you sketch it out the design and decoration are much neater, more appealing and easier to execute.

The aunt told me everything she wanted on the cake, and what it should represent. The most important part of the cake was the man proposing down on one knee. Heres my little secret; I have never gone to art school, haven’t done any sculpting classes and now I need to sculpt this couple.  I tried lolli pop sticks,  and wire. But the lollli pop sticks had no give to them and couldn’t really bend, the wire kept twirling around and honestly trying to get the one knee down, one knee bent is not so easy. If only I had a “Ralph” I finally turned to a great resource How to Make a Standing Cake Topper by the ARTISAN CAKE COMPANY.  Although I was still on my own trying to figure out the one knee thing, I had a much better idea of what I needed to do.  Based on many other pieces I have made I knew this was going to take days, as each step is done the pieces need to dry, just like the flowers. If you ever wondered why a cake with flowers cost so much it is because each petal is individually made and then needs to dry before it can be put together. It was the same with the people. Liz Marek does an Amazing job explaining how to make Standing people cake toppers and is clear, and easy to understand.

As the couple was coming along and drying I was working on a few other cakes at the same time so there were a  lot of nights we were still working at 2 am. It was now the night before pick up; the plan for the rest of the cake was all laid out. The purple and green hearts, twisted purple and green rope as a border around the cake seemed symbolic and all that was left was the couple. I put them in the cake stood back to admire it and my heart started sinking. The man down on one knee and his bride to be were sinking into the cake. Now what?! They were too heavy, and needed extra support. I supported them with heavy duty skewers; but that did not look nice at all. I had some little flowers on a “vine” and thought if I twisted them around the skewers and added some floral tape it would look like a Chupah. There were already flowers down near the couples feet, so these little white flowers now intertwined together over their head fit perfectly.  I put the cake in the fridge.

When they came to the bakery to pick up the cake I carefully placed it in the box and sent it off. It looked Amazing! Then it hit me: I forgot to take a picture! I had been concentrating so much on making this cake something they’d never forget I forgot to take out my camera.  I called up the aunt who graciously sent me a picture she had taken.  The cake was not cut, the couple Loved the cake so much they wanted to keep it and wouldn’t let anyone cut into it.

We’d love to hear your story of a baking challenge you were able to overcome.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours