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Mickey cake

HI Everyone,

Disney has a way of always being apart of my life, no matter my age. The classics will never get old and the new movies are bound to become classics as well.

One of his obvious icons is mickey and minnie! From there very first sketches they became instant hits, and they never get old! A girl and boy in a gan (nursery) in the neighborhood ordered a joint birthday cake for two three year olds. And you guessed it, they wanted mickey and minnie.
I have done my fair share of sculpting people, animals and houses but, sculpting a mickey and minnie seemed out of the question. My goal is to make sure that peoples budgets don’t hinder the design the customer wants.
So here went nothing! Making a themed cake is always fun, it always for creativity without too much pressure on precise detail. My daughter who works in a bakery in New York has her own line of cakes, she has a minnie and mickey themed cake that the customers love. Just my luck my daughter was in for a visit the week I got this order.
These two year olds got very lucky, a tiered cake one layer mickey and one minnie.
Colors for themed cakes are often the center, giving the most resemblance to what you are trying to portray. Red and yellow are definitely mickey colors!
Minnie is best portrayed by her polka dots and big red bow. And mickey by his cute overalls and buttons! Lets not forget there ears! Since I do not have a cut out, my daughter designed one from sketching the picture on parchment paper and cutting it out( that is how we also did the hands). A little bit of white went a long way to make the ears look more dimensional, small details do the trick. As a last touch, we got inspired looking at minnie and mickey pictures online and added the hands, an extra touch goes a long way.
The next time you want to make a cake at home and aren’t quite sure how to tackle it, opt for a themed cake and add small details like colors and cute designs that are those characters signature.
Send and tag us in pictures of your themed cakes!
~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours

All the best,

Guest Blogger Rachel Thau