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Animal prints


It seems that animal prints are everywhere! From shoes to shirts, pocket books and binders, it simply cannot be missed. And even though cakes cannot be worn like the cute tee’s at Forever 21, somehow style and design are still affected by the times. As cool as zebra print is, it doesn’t have the same spunk and maturity as a bright red and brown cheetah print. I definitely enjoy being given leeway with cakes and really let the character of the person getting the cake inspire me. There is a certain smile customers get upon seeing the cakes cute ornaments, as though a piece of home has been sent to them.

However, sometimes customers are vague and they have an idea or image in their mind that they wish they could convey to me in words, but alas the proper terminology fails them. (For moments like this I often ask customers to send me pictures, the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words applies in the world of cakes as well.)

So when I was asked to do a fun cake for a twenty year old I wasn’t sure where to begin. Zebra didn’t seem fitting for someone who is that much of a fashionista. But, I was not quite sure how to do cheetah print. I found this tutorial to help give me inspiration it is by Krazy Kool Cakes .

For the finishing touch a bow is a great topper! It is girly and works for every age, whether for your five year old niece to nineteen your old friend, there is something sweet and yet sophisticated about a bow. What draws the line between childish and young adult is generally color. Paired with this cake I made a red bow (even though for Minnie Mouse it is childish) when put on cheetah print it adds flair!

Try painting your bow with a bit of vanilla or any extract mixed with a little bit of confectionary sugar to give your bow more of a porcelain look!

What kind of cakes would you put a bow on?

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours