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Hi Everyone,

Pesach (Passover) has finally wound down and my kitchen has begun to gain semblance once again. I thought my kitchen would never look the same again, but like every year somehow I manage to get everything back in order.

Even though we weren’t open, we were still working over Pesach. Currently on the website we have three gluten free products peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, decadent chocolate cake and a creamy chocolate mouse. Over the year we have gotten a lot of gluten free orders and this inspired some new treats to be added to the menu. What better time is there than Pesach to work on all things gluten free! Thanks to Tsippy Nussbaum, author of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gebrochts” who freely shared so many recipes. Having family and friends around to give feedback on all the desserts helped decide what was worthy of being on the Kosher Cakery menu.

We are now adding chocolate cupcakes with all types of delicious things on top like vanilla and chocolate Buttercream or chocolate ganache`. We will also be offering Banana chocolate chip muffins, Blueberry muffins; Unbelievably delicious Blondie’s (my kids could not get enough) and Brownies that will make you wonder can these really be Gluten Free? But yup they are. .

Make sure to check out our new products on the website and share the delicious treats with friends and family!

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours