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Have you ever made a recipe, a recipe you have made 1,000 times but suddenly it just didn’t turn out right? Well I had 2 cakes and about 200 cupcakes to make.  I make a triple batter and think the batter does not look like it usually does. I think back in my head and am pretty sure I did not leave out any ingredients and throw the cakes and cupcakes in the oven.

As I pull them all out, I know something is wrong, but what? I taste a cupcake, it does not taste bad, but it is not good either, maybe it is me. I bring a cupcake over to a neighbor, a neighbor who has the impossible job of being my taste tester. Her reaction, it is not bad, but it is definitely not your usual cake. Maybe you left something out she says trying to be helpful.  I go back to the kitchen and throw everything out. I do it again, carefully going through the recipe making sure I am not missing a step or an ingredient or measuring incorrectly. But as soon as it was made I knew the batter was wrong. Just in case I put one cupcake in the oven.  Yup, another batter in the trash, now this is not only getting expensive but wasting a lot of my time. I look at all my ingredients, everything was bought fresh.  Then I notice it, the non dairy creamer I am using says it is Kosher for Passover.

I start again, this time I use a different non dairy creamer and the cakes and cupcakes turn out great.

But now it is really late, I can’t go buy more creamer anywhere and I still have 200 cupcakes to make for the soldiers in Israel; to help them celebrate Israel Independence Day. What on earth am I going to do? I also have a lot of this Kosher for Passover creamer because we buy in bulk.

I try an analyze what ingredient is missing in this new creamer and start fooling around a bit trying to make it work. Mostly it was trying to replace the missing corn syrup. After a few experiments it worked!!!! I was so relieved. Now baking can resume again, and I will get those soldiers their cupcakes.

We’d love to hear stories from you kitchen.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours