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HI Everyone,

Bored of board games?

Bored of board games?

Tired of tv shows and computer games?

Ready to have fun and be creative?

Stay tuned to this blog series if you answered yes to any of the questions above! I am going to be doing a series of blogs that will be including recipes, fun arts and crafts ideas and much more. Get ready to turn your house upside down and those smiles right side up.

Just a cup full of sugar helps the rainy days go away, in the most delightful way. These projects are hands on, use household items, are generally edible and lets you get creative!

*DISCLAIMER* if you live in an area that doesn’t get much rain this time of year don’t panic these ideas can also be used for the summer blues, a heavy case of I’m bored and many other fatal ailments.

Can’t handle the wait till next week?

Test Your Senses:

Need a quick fix to hold the kids over? Or maybe a fun game for a birthday or bridal shower?

You will need: five opaque bags (brown paper bag or anything thick that you can’t see through), five bowls, five spoons, five cups, bandana or scarf (to blindfold), household food, dice,and a timer.

How you play:

-Split everyone into teams and one game show host.

-The host puts five random things from around the house separately into different bags. Then does similarly with five cups each with a different drink, or drink mixture, as well as five bowls with different foods or food mixtures. Use whatever you have in your house; from applesauce and pudding to marbles and sunglasses cases.

-Rock paper scissors for which team goes first.

-Call up one individual (from winning team) who rolls one of the dice: if the die lands on 1 or 3 the hosts picks a bag, if on 2 or 5 he picks a cup, and if on 4 or 6 he picks a bowl for the individual.

-The player then rolls the die if it lands on an even number he has to eat, touch, smell etc the item blindfolded, if it lands on an odd number his team must eat, touch, drink etc the item and try to explain it to their teammate who is blindfolded without saying 1. what the item is 2. the color of the item 3. where you would find this item 4. any words that rhyme with this item.

-From the time the item is chosen and eaten, touched or tasted the clock starts and the person called up has one minute to figure it out! (For food and drink items the team gets an additional 30 seconds to figure out what they have to describe.)

-Each correct answer gets the team 1 point, whoever gets 5 points first wins!

-want to make the game longer? Play to higher points and add bags, bowls and cups to choose from.

Example: the individual rolls a 3, so the host picks a paper bag. The individual rolls an odd number, so his team has to describe the item in bag while their teammate is blindfolded. The teammate is blindfolded, his team takes the food out of the bag and the host starts the time. The item is an apple the team cannot say its a fruit, what color that particular apple is, that it grows from a tree or is found in markets or that it rhymes with Snapple etc. The team could say it’s crunchy, it’s healthy, comes in different colors, its a food, a blank a day keeps the doctor away and you can make it into pie. The blindfolded person has one minute to guess it’s an apple.

~Love From Our Kitchen to Yours